Eye-Opening Revelations about Breast Implant Surgery – Caveat on Risky Implants

Women Checking Breast Implants

Hundreds of thousands of females who have undergone breast implant surgery for aesthetic enhancements have been cautioned to get medically examined after apprehensions surfaced about dodgy implants being employed in the procedure.

Nearly fifty thousand females in Britain – inclusive of several women who have survived breast cancer – have been given silicone gel-based breast implants which might have been created from mattress and as a result have not passed through stringent and critical safety testing.

Additionally, fears about the shielding outside layer, intended to prevent implant spillage and thwarting any gel leakage from reaching the rest of the body, is absent.

PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) implants were amongst the cut-price versions obtainable in the markets which propelled their widespread use in profit-churning clinics located in Britain and overseas.

A latest announcement by BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) advised females that have undergone breast implant surgery to promptly visit their respective surgeons to trace out the kind of product being employed.

Females who have been offered PIP breast implants are advised to undergo an ultrasound scan test in the subsequent 6 months for checking any imperfections and crack formations. In case there are indications of damaged goods then prompt removal of both implants is necessary.

Surgeons are being cautioned by the body accountable for safety of medications and medicinal tools, the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency to halt use of PIP breast implants.

Adding fuel to flames is the fact that PIP breast implants, earlier the third-biggest maker of breast implants across the globe, has entered a state of insolvency. This would translate to the fact that those bearing the brunt would have to foot vast extents of the billing from their pockets.

Apprehensions surged in France subsequent to several surgeons noticing more frequent and quicker rupture of these PIP implants in comparison to other brand names.

A probe instructed by the health ombudsmen uncovered grave indiscretions in PIP implants in the very early stages of a congregation organized by the French Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. When queries rose about any researches backing how safe the gel was, its maker failed in furnishing any since he thought it was being employed for mattress-manufacturing.

BAAPS President, Nigel Mercer stated that this is definitely an atypical scenario; however till date there have been no grave grounds to be alarmed about. He advises that the implants be removed in case an ultrasound scan has shown some break in the PIP implants. In case one of the implants has split open then the other one is also to be removed as a pre-emptive approach.

Mercer totally holds the maker culpable and believes that the surgeons merely act on good-old-faith.

Over five hundred French females have launched grievances with the Marseilles prosecuting attorney demanding gratis replacement of the implants and being compensated for the damage endured.